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I just began moving into these things and a sugar daddy messaged me and wished me to buy a gift card. He stated it was tied to the money for the charges, that once I received the reward card the money would be despatched to my paypal. What actually made me question it was why was there so much cash in his paypal but he wanted me to buy a gift card to pay for his fees? He said he wanted me to indicate commitment to him as a result of he had been scammed by different sugar babies who would get the money and block him.

In arrangements where the sugar child has to fly out to fulfill the POT, the POT ought to be sending cash for the flight as well as lodging before the sb books something. An SD refusing to ship you cash in advance of ever meeting you is not a scam, you have unrealistic expectations. Even when a bank releases cash to your account, it doesn’t suggest the bank really has those funds in hand. And it is perfectly authorized.

He requested for whom I banked with! That has nothing to do with my credit card. Apps are VERY easy+convenient/SAFE. Hmm, questioning this similar factor.

This simply occurred to me. Thankfully I listened to my intestine and I cancelled the pending funds to my CC the day it was positioned. I removed the added account and altered all my logins and passwords. I was so silly to really hand out my logins, that should have been a purple flag, but I was so desperate for cash that I ignored my intestine. I informed them some lie how someone had tried to hack it and the financial institution traced the IP to a sure space and how they were investigating it all.

But I didn’t do anything so why was he paying me? It was very odd. So I checked this cite simply in case I was being paranoid and read the comments. I told the man that I wouldn’t spend any cash on him but if he needed to speak to get to know me before sending the cash that may be nice. He instantly blocked me!

But I’m worried he will some how withdrawn his money and over draft my card. He threatened to call the FBI if I don’t but his playing cards and idk what to do I additionally got a text from someone at “homelands” like homeland safety this I must resolve this with mr.smith earlier than I go to jail… so like idk what to do.

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I too am new to the sugar child world and so when he requested what bank I used, my intestine informed me to start out researching this out. I’m going through this now, I regret it. I needed to cancel the payment nevertheless it went by way of and now he’s texting and calling demanding his Google play playing cards.

Measures to protect your self from scammers


To deposit money, the scammer may ask for some information on the card, utilizing your allowance as an excuse. How it really works is that they send you a examine of a excessive sum, however the verify is pretend. There are many variations of this card.

He asks you to open a Chase Liquid card

He requested me to get $2000 price of iTunes and Apple Gift Cards. Unfortunately I did it. I am a very broke faculty scholar and wanted the cash. He paid some of my bank card and then utterly reversed my payment as a result of I was “playing video games”.

Nothing else. If they are saying no then that imply they don’t have money since PayPal solely let’s you ship money you have not cheque and stuff that may bounce. So, I opened a brand new account and gave him all that data but cellular deposit didn’t work. So, he obtained my bank card data out of me as a result of he said he would pay off my debt (i’m a college student who needs books and is $100k of debt in pupil loans so i’m determined).

“It may lead up to that sometime [with one of many others] but I’m never in a hurry for that,” she says. Her highest-paying Sugar Daddy “doesn’t sexually perform,” however she does do things like go to his home and lounge by his pool naked. “He’s an older man, he isn’t seekingarrangement reviews married anymore. He was massive on Wall Street, moved to California, got into actual estate, and likes to enjoy his cash.” They travel together often, but she at all times requires a separate room.

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